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Find Your Peace of Mind Planner // Reiki Charged Digital Journal - Daily, Weekly, Monthly Spiritual Planner

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Do you want to manifest your dream life? Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Are you ready to live your dream life? 🙏🏼🤩

Make your dreams a reality with our beautiful 2024 Spiritual Planner!

Your goals and dreams are within your reach, but you need the right tool to achieve them. This powerful Spiritual Planner is designed to help you turn your dreams into reality! 

With our planner, you will manifest and plan every aspect of your life all in one place.

With yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages, a step-by-step manifesting guide, and the most powerful manifesting, wellness, finance, and productivity templates, this planner is the perfect digital tool to help you create your ideal life!

✓ Take daily action and manifest faster.
✓ Use the moon's phases for manifestation.
✓ Uncover what truly motivates and inspires you.
✓ Set goals and make them a reality.
✓ Be the vibrational match for what you seek to attract.
✓ Stay focused and on track.
✓ Set and take intentional actions to attract your desires.
✓ Get into alignment with the Universe.
✓ Create positive thought patterns and clear blocks.
✓ Manifest the life of your wildest dreams!

✓ Fully hyperlinked 2024 Spiritual Planner with a step-by-step guide to manifesting your best life.
✓ Yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages that help you plan and attract your dreams.
✓ Guided manifesting techniques, exercises and tools to help you manifest the life of your dreams.
✓ Affirmations, intentions, manifesting exercises, and more.
✓ Simple yet powerful framework designed to show you exactly how you can cultivate a year that is full of fun, love, prosperity, and success.
✓ Packed with extra resources to help you thrive! Comes with extra PRODUCTIVITY, FINANCE, WELLNESS planning pages.
✓ Self-reflection questions to ask yourself every month and at the end of the year.
✓ Thoughtfully designed for easy use.
✓ Easy navigation throughout the planner - 582 fully hyperlinked pages.
✓ Beautiful cover design.
✓ Stunning spiritual watercolor elements and gold accents throughout the planner

2024 will be your best year ever! This is your time to shine!

- 1 PDF with our Find Your Peace of Mind Planner
- 1 PDF guide on how to download and import digital journal into GoodNotes, Notability etc.
- Over 250 digital IT GIRL stickers to use with your journal; the perfect addition to your planner/journal!
FREE Manifesting Financial Abundance Journal

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