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candle care & details

 re-purposing your glass candle vessels

we purposely chose our candle glass vessels to give off a modern luxe vibe, which would compliment the pieces of decor in your home, office or wherever you choose to place them.
when you have completely burned through the wax inside - each candle vessel can then be repurposed into decorative storage jars for things like small flowers, jewelry, makeup/makeup brushes, craft supplies, hair accessories...
the possibilities are truly endless and they easily become a stylish storage option!

in order to re-purpose your glass vessel, first you must:

  • remove the wick and fill with boiled hot water and some lemon juice
  • let sit until left over wax floats to the top and/or hardens to the edges
  • scrape left over wax gently with spoon and rinse with soap and warm water

you now have a beautiful vessel to re-purpose as you desire! 

how to care for your spiritual&luxe candle

please follow these simple instructions to ensure the highest quality to your beautiful candle. spiritual&luxe will not be held liable or responsible for any misuse or improper handling of your candle. you must take your own responsibility and care when using your candles.

  1. when you initially burn your luxury candle, burn for at least 2 - 4 hours or until full melt pool.
    avoiding this step will cause your candle to tunnel and will not burn evenly

  2. if herbs/crystals are too close to flame or wick, blow out candle and either remove herbs/crystal or push to the side. do not let wick become clogged with herbs as it will cause your candle to improperly burn.

  3. always allow your candle to create a full wax pool each time you light it. 
    this will ensure you receive the strongest fragrance possible

  4. after initial burn, always keep wooden wick trimmed to .02" or 5mm BEFORE lighting to ensure your candle stays as beautiful and elegant as the day you bought it!
  • this ensures a slow, longer burn which means your candle lasts longer.
  • a high flame or soot from your candle means your wick is too long.
  • simply blow out the candle, trim down, re-light and enjoy your candle again.
     4. never burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
         this prevents any carbon from building on the wick, which leads to black
         soot on your beautiful vessels.     

     5. If you notice some discoloration in the wax, this is due to the generous
         amount of essential oil and premium fragrance in your candle. 
  • the ingredients in our wax are naturally-derived, so this is normal.
    It will not affect your candles diffusion and lifespan.

      6. Always, Always, Stay Safe.
          Never leave your candle unattended.
          Never place it in a drafty area, around pets, curtains or burn the wax
          down to the base.