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Creating a Vision Board with Manifestation Deck // Reiki Charged Digital Journal

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Bring your dreams to life with our guided Vision Board and Manifestation Deck.
Reiki Charged and Digital!

Tap into your goals and ambitions with this one-of-a-kind interactive experience – create a vision board and begin manifesting the life you desire! Our journal will help you create your vision board with inspiring and goal-oriented mindset affirmations. Get started today and watch your success unfold!

Connect with higher consciousness and unlock the power to create the life you've always dreamed of!

✓ Prompts on how to create a vision board with actual results.
✓ Abundance checks to print and use on vision board
✓ Journal prompts help you breakthrough blockages
✓ Our journal will steer you towards your own personal growth by helping you reconnect with your soul, your inner child, and through self-forgiveness.
✓ 121 pages.
✓ Beautiful neutral abstract cover design.

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- 1 PDF with our Shadow Work Journal
- 1 PDF guide on how to download and import digital journal into GoodNotes, Notability etc.
- FREE Manifesting Financial Abundance Journal

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