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vibrate higher // aura veil - protection, grounding, cleansing, purifying

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Vibrate Higher.

INCLUDES : FREE digital download - 5 Minute Journal; 5 minutes to a clearer mind & a happier you 🧘🏽‍♀️ to use with Aura Veil to manifest the life of your dreams!

Aura Veil is a HIGH frequency spray which will raise your vibration and allow you to step into your Higher Self, no matter what life brings your way.

Our essential oil and crystal infused aromatherapy aura veil helps to amplify your intentions, cleanse and purifies your space and aura using only pure plant based essential oils. 

A simple and effective way to purify and cleanse the atmosphere removing negative and stale energies while raising the vibrations of your space.

Calm and reduce stress and anxiety while grounding, centering and balancing chakras.

Our moisturizing spray is formulated to leave a silky, smooth feel on the skin or hair without leaving that oily residue or sticky feeling behind.

Intentionally blended with therapeutic grade essential oils, cedarwood, myrrh, sandalwood and sage which have been used by ancient cultures to cleanse energies from the body and home.

infused with // 

  • myrrh // opens our mind to receiving gifts. (Think of the 3 Kings)
  • cedarwood // faith; release what no longer serves. Cedar is a traditional aura cleansing oil that clears fears and fortifies your courage and resolve.
  • sandalwood // clear the mind, invoke calmness, promote inner peace & mental clarity
  • sage // wisdom, spiritual awareness & promote healing 

charged with //

  • obsidian // protection, grounding 
  • lapis lazuli // inner strength & courage

How does Higher Self Aura Mist raise your vibration and frequency?

Every living matter vibrates on frequencies. Imagine changing the radio station, each station is a different frequency. Our body picks up on frequencies and vibrates on different levels depending on MHz.

A healthy human body vibrates at a frequency of 62MHz to 72 MHz and depending on what we come into contact with on a daily basis, (people, objects, food/water we consume, areas around us) and whether we have positive and negative thoughts and emotions throughout the day- all cause our frequency to raise or lower.

Therefore it is very important to surround yourself with thoughts, experiences, people and situations which only raise your vibration and frequency.  

⚡️ Did you know the essential oils in our Aura Veil have a frequency? 

All essential oils have a positive frequency because they are derived from pure plant sources and have been discovered to carry the highest vibrational frequencies of any organic substance on the planet! They start at 52MHz and go above 320MHz.

Aura Veil has a unique blend of essential oils with the highest frequencies which include:

  • Myrhh:  105 MHz
  • Sage: 119 MHz
  • Sandalwood: 98 MHz
  • Cedarwood: 78 MHz
  • Lavender: 118 MHz

how to use //

    Use during your New Moon rituals, spray on your body to increase your energy and auric fields, around the house to manifest blessings, when your mood needs a boost or anywhere else you focus your attention. 

    When used during the New Moon, your intentions will be further amplified as the reiki charged crystals and organic essential oils draw in divine favor and invite positivity and manifestation power. 

    After spraying, invoke a personal intention or simply call in love and light into the space.

    handmade || vegan || organic || cruelty & alcohol free| 

    Paraben free, Alcohol Free


    This is a great replacement for burning Sage or Palo Santo.

    contains NO alcohol or other solubilizers to maintain the integrity of its clearing vibration.

    When to use our Aura Veil

    Removing stagnant or negative energy

    👸 Spray to cleanse & protect your personal aura and space

    Spray to activate your higher self before meditation & journaling/intuitive writing

    Spray to set your intention before yoga or other mindful movements

    👩‍🏫 Take with you to work, when traveling (carry-on friendly), or whenever you are around a lot of other energies (people) to refresh your aura and space throughout the day

    🛌 Spray before bed to tap into your Higher Self during REM sleep

    Clearing predecessor energy (from prior occupants)

    Moving into a home

    Clearing gemstones

    After an illness

    As a housewarming gift

    In hotel rooms

    Coming home after vacation

    After a disagreement, break-up, emotional upheaval, or trauma

    Anytime you detect negative or unwanted energy in your space

    Between clients, especially for bodywork or therapeutic clients

    Between yoga classes

    Before or after meetings

    Before and after parties

    Prior to an open house or home showing

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