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with love // passion, romance, serenity, self love, protection | dark rose + labdanum | reiki infused

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with love was created to ignite passion into all areas of your life.
it can be used to manifest a new love, increase the love and passion between your existing love and empower,
encourage and support your passions in life.
everything you do in life should be done with love and passion.

 perfect for: those looking to manifest love, support and bring passion to new projects in life, journaling, meditation during new moon

scent details //

pink pepper and decadent plum mingle with deep
tantalizing black rose for a sultry floral experience which
ignites and invites passion through life and romance

 pink peppercorn, grapefruit, plum
 black rose, cumin
 vanilla, patchouli, labdanum
contains essentials oils of lemon from usa, cedarwood and patchouli
from india and pepper seed oil from indonesia

crystals & herbs //

garnet is the perfect stone for attracting love, luck and success in all areas of life. associated with the root chakra where your deepest desires and passion comes from;
garnet revitalizes feelings and enhances sexuality. brings warmth, devotion, trust, understanding, sincerity and honesty to a relationship.


rose quartz is a stone of universal love. it dispels negativity while purifying and opening the heart to promote love, self love, friendship, deep healing and peace.

strawberry leaf attracts love, fertility, good fortune, success and favorable situations. also known as an aphrodisiac to bring deep passion and sensual love.

heal //
open your heart to receive. let go of all past hurt, confusion, mistrust and failed relationships. allow yourself to truly love and give love

invoke //
my heart is always open to love.
i am surrounded by love everyday.
i am love. i radiate love. love flows through me.
i am open to receive and give love.
i attract loving nurturing energy into my life and i radiate this energy to those around me as well.

the ritual //

- create your love altar with all your supplies
- cleanse yourself and your space before starting your ritual with sage smudge
- use bath bomb or bath soak whichever you feel drawn to
- light manifestation candle
- while soaking, write down 50 qualities you desire in your ideal partner.
  the more detailed, the better. this could be how he or she dresses,
  to the freckle on their nose.
  write down what you love about yourself and what you expect from your ideal
- after ritual, apply a few drops of abundance oil in your palms, inhale
  deeply while 'invoke' intentions for love.
- apply a few drops on the crown, throat, heart and solar plexus chakras 
  as well as on the soles of feet and massage gently
- cleanse yourself with smudge stick again

                 remember to attract love, you need to first truly love yourself

features //

  • re-usable high end luxury glass vessel which can be re-purposed
  • each candle is individually hand-poured with our luxurious blend of vegan apricot crème and coco wax which is toxin, paraben, and phthalate free.
  • an eco-friendly, hand crafted and clean burning wooden wick, which is made in the USA from fsc certified wood
  • hand labeled and crafted in small batches
  • made to order with its own unique vibration & the intention of bringing love, peace & healing into it’s intended space

each candle comes with an affirmation card

dimensions //
3.75" w x 4.1" h
net weight - 13 oz


always hand made and hand harvested with loving intention!

all items are reiki infused, cleansed & charged with white sage &
sit on selenite charging/clearing plates before being sent to new home
please read candle care instructions and shipping policies 
before purchasing