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crystal affirmation jar // cleanse, protect

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Energy is fluid. We must alway be cleansing our space in order for us to attract and vibrate at a higher frequency.

Introducing our crystal affirmation line which will aid in cleansing energies of the body, mind, soul and space, all while invoking the properties of its respective crystal.

Palo Santo “Holy Wood” native to Peru, Ecuador and other South American countries, is known as a Sacred Wood for strengthening the spirit & skin.

It is known by ancient cultures to provide respiring support for cough and cold when inhaled in the shower, purification and clearing of negative energies and also has anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

crystal properties

tourmaline: protection and grounding, balancing and protecting chakras, stability, purification, negativity shield.

citrine: abubdance and prosperity, happiness and success.

carnelian: associated with the sacral chakra, restores vitality and motivation, stimulates creativity. Gives courage, promotes positive life choices. 


reiki cleansed & charged 

selenite wand clears, regulates energies, promotes peace and calm, provides clarity, clears blocked energies, elevates the spirit and promotes connection. 

lavender is for calmness, purity and serenity. 
ecualyptus is used to disperse negative energy when burned. 
size: 9oz. 6” tall x 2” wide

how to use//

  • hold palo santo at 45 degree angle and light with matchstick or lighter
  • hold flame to incense for at least 5-10 seconds 
  • place in a fireproof glass plate/container or walk around your space or cleanse yourself reciting the included affirmation.
  • be sure not to leave stick unsupervised

please choose which crystal you’re attracted to.

please keep in mind, floral tops are random and not all the same